Journal Article: Gender differences in academic achievement and the educational implications


Education, Sex differences, Student achievements/China, Women/Education/China


Cheng, Gang; Xie, Guiyang


2000, March/April


Part of a special issue on women's education and employment in China. A study investigated gender difference among college students in China. Data were obtained from international research and a survey of three universities in the Wuhan region of China. The results indicate that female students' motivation to study rose significantly because they attributed their success to the positive factor of effort but they still underestimated their own ability, that female students have made some progress in the mode of cognition but they need to develop from field dependence to independence, that female students' test scores are generally higher than those of male students, and that there is a very significant gender gap in scientific research among college students, with female students lagging well behind male students. A discussion of how these gender differences relate to teaching in higher educational institutions is provided.


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