Journal Article: Performance boosts in the classroom: Stereotype endorsement and prejudice moderate stereotype lift


Academic Achievement, Ingroup Outgroup, Prejudice, Racial and, Ethnic Groups, Stereotyped Attitudes, High School Students, Immigration


Chatard, Armand; Selimbegović, Leila; Konan, Paul; Mugny, Gabriel


2008, Sep


The present study (N = 293) examined whether stereotype endorsement and prejudice moderate stereotype lift (i.e., a performance boost caused by the salience of a negative out-group stereotype in the testing situation). The stereotype in the focus of inquiry was the belief that immigrant students have lower intellectual ability than native students. French native high school students performed an intellectual test in a condition of low stereotype salience (the test was presented as assessing individual differences) or in a condition of high stereotype salience (the test was presented as assessing group differences between African immigrants and native students). As expected, results indicated that native students high in stereotype endorsement and those high in prejudice performed better in the high than in the low stereotype salience condition, whereas those low on these constructs did not. By identifying two moderators of stereotype lift, this study sheds new light on the achievement gap between immigrant and native students in educational institutions. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA ) (journal abstract)


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