Journal Article: Access to Higher Education: The Hope for Democratic Schooling in America


EDUCATION, Higher, EDUCATION -- United States, EDUCATION -- Economic aspects, EDUCATIONAL sociology, EDUCATION, UNITED States


Burke, J. Bruce; Johnstone, Michelle






The American aspiration for higher education as a road to a better life for everyone is threatened. As the economic and social gap between the upper third of the population and the bottom third widens, so access to better education, especially to higher education, becomes increasingly difficult to achieve. The traditional role of hope in the American Democratic Dream of a just and fair society is being eroded, as increasing numbers of Americans are marginalized, jailed, recruited into military service, and consigned to jobs with minimal salaries. But low-paying jobs are not new in American history; what is new is that the hope for higher education and improvement in one's economic and social status is slipping away. The lower expectations result from federal cuts in support of education and for scholarships for higher education. This article reviews the conditions that are undermining the traditional visions of democratic schooling in America. [ABSTRACT FROM AUTHOR]
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