Journal Article: Accountability in a Postdesegregation Era: The Continuing Significance of Racial Segregation in Florida's Schools


Academic Achievement, Accountability, Educational Measurement, Racial and Ethnic Differences, School Integration, Schools


Borman, Kathryn M.; Eitle, Tamela McNulty; Michael, Deanna; Eitle, David J.; Lee, Reginald; Johnson, Larry; Cobb-Roberts, Deirdre; Dorn, Sherman; Shircliffe, Barbara


2004, Fal


In the wake of both the end of court-ordered school desegregation and the growing popularity of accountability as a mechanism to maximize student achievement, the authors explore the association between racial segregation and the percentage of students passing high-stakes tests in Florida's schools. Results suggest that segregation matters in predicting school-level performance on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test after control for other known and purported predictors of standardized test performance. Also, these results suggest that neither recent efforts by the state of Florida to equalize the funding of education nor current efforts involving high-stakes testing will close the Black-White achievement gap without consideration of the racial distribution of students across schools. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA ) (journal abstract)


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