Journal Article: New professional roles and advocacy strategies for school counselors: A multicultural/social justice perspective to move beyond the nice counselor syndrome


Advocacy, Cross Cultural Counseling, Professional Competence, School Counselors, Social Justice, Organizational Change, Professional Identity, Professionalism, Social Change, Strategies, Syndromes, Multiculturalism


Bemak, Fred; Chung, Rita Chi-Ying


2008, Sum


The transformed role of school counselors as advocates is key in reducing the academic achievement gap. Redefining the school counselors' role requires culturally competent practitioners, social justice advocates, and organizational/social change agents. A major obstacle to implementing culturally responsive social justice advocacy and change in schools is referred to as the nice counselor syndrome (NCS). This article discusses the insidious effects of NCS and outlines a set of recommendations designed to assist school counselors in moving beyond this syndrome. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA ) (journal abstract)


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