Journal Article: Social-emotional factors affecting achivement outcomes among disadvantaged students: Closing the achivement gap


Academic Achievement, Disadvantaged, Psychosocial Factors, Risk, Factors, Test Scores, Emotional Adjustment, Models, Sociocultural, Factors


Becker, Bronwyn E.; Luthar, Suniya S.


2002, Fal


Despite concentrated efforts at improving inferior academic outcomes among disadvantaged students, a substantial achievement gap between the test scores of these students and others remains. Existing research used ecological models to document social-emotional factors at multiple levels of influence that undermine academic performance. This article integrates ideas from various perspectives in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary model that will inform policy makers, administrators, and schools about the social-emotional factors that act as both risk and protective factors for disadvantaged students' learning and opportunities for academic success. Four critical social-emotional components that influence achievement performance (academic and school attachment, teacher support, peer values, and mental health) are reviewed. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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