Book Section: Uncertainty and decision making in teaching: Implications for managing line professionals


Administrative Organization, Change Agents, Educational Change, Educational Improvement, Excellence in Education, School Administration and Finance


Bacharach, S.; Conley, S.; T. J. Sergiovanni and J. H. Moore




Allyn and Bacon.


Most of this book's 22 chapters were written as background papers that were presented at a national conference on restructuring schooling held at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, August 18-21, 1987. Framing the chapters of this book is the notion that if rational management systems and theoretical treatises about promoting school excellence do not take into account the realities of the workplace, they will not bring about sustained improvements in our nation's schools. Chapters in part 1 review and evaluate the national reform reports, reassess current policies on who should control the schools, and discuss the school as the center of change. Part 2 focuses on the role of teachers and students in school reform. Part 3 centers on restructuring school management as a way to intiate reform. Part 4 discusses the issues and impact of professionalism by examining professional teaching as a new paradigm for the management of education, uncertainty and decisionmaking in teaching, how professional organizations work, and career ladders. Part 5 offers a postscript on school improvement, includes reasons for reforming schools, the comments of two teachers, and a blueprint for school improvement.


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