Journal Article: Equity and literacy in the next millennium


Achievement, Literacy, Minority Groups, Students


Au, Kathryn H.; Raphael, Taffy E.


2000, Jan-Mar


Considerable evidence documents the existence of a gap between the literacy achievement of students of diverse backgrounds and their mainstream peers. Given the increasing diversity of the population of students in classrooms in the US and around the world, the authors believe that the task of addressing the literacy achievement gap will become even more urgent in the new millennium.The challenges posed by the gap are considered in terms of 3 key groups of participants in the process of literacy of education: students, teachers, and researchers. It is stated that while the population of students with diverse backgrounds is steadily increasing, similar diversity is not seen in the populations of teachers and researchers. Changing definitions of literacy, literature, and instruction appear to offer great promise for bringing students of diverse backgrounds to high levels of literacy. However, the authors believe that barriers that presently sustain conditions of inequity in schools will need to be surmounted before promising new approaches to the teaching of literacy can be made available in many classrooms with students of diverse backgrounds. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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