Journal Article: The achievement gap. A comparison of Anglo and Navajo student writing samples


Education, English language/Composition/Achievements, Student, Native Americans/Education, Navajo Indians


Ashmore, Rhea A.; Shields, Carolyn M.




A study compared the writing performance of Anglo and Navajo students. Participants were 122 students in grades 7 and 11 who were required to respond in writing to 30 questions. The results indicated that there was no difference between the Navajo and Anglo children either in the average number of passages containing at least 30 words or in the richness of the content and ideas expressed and that although there was a gap in mechanics in favor of the Anglo students, this gap narrowed between grade 7 and grade 11. Based on these results, it is concluded that for all students to be successful, attention must be paid both to enhancing the mechanical writing skills of minority students and to increasing the expressive abilities of all students.


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