Journal Article: The middle school experience: Effects on the math and science achievement of adolescents with LD


Learning Disabilities, Mathematics Achievement, Middle School, Education, School Adjustment, Science Achievement, Middle School, Students


Anderman, Eric M.


1998, Mar-Apr


Examined the relation between middle school transitions and achievement gaps in math and science between 296 adolescents with and 1,608 adolescents without learning disabilities (LD). An abundance of research (e.g., E. M. Anderman and M. L. Maehr, 1994) indicates that motivation and achievement decline during the early adolescent years, and that this decline is often attributable to the transition from elementary to middle grade schools during early adolescence. Using data from the National Education Longitudinal Study, it was found that, on average, there was a strong gap in achievement between the 2 groups of 8th graders. Hierarchical linear modeling was used to examine school effects on these achievement gaps. Results indicate that although there were achievement gaps in math and science between adolescents with LD and non-LD adolescents, this gap was greatly reduced for adolescents who did not make a school transition until at least the 9th grade. It is proposed that the policies and practices of typical middle-grade schools are particularly incompatible with the educational and psychological needs of young adolescents with LD. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2009 APA )


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