Journal Article: Literacy on the Edge: How Close Are We to Closing the Literacy Achievement Gap?


Education, Reading/Achievements, Student, Reading/Remedial teaching/Middle schools, Reading/Difficulties


Alvermann, Donna E.


2005, September


Part of a special section on closing the achievement gap. Educators can help close the literacy gap between ill-served students and their better-served peers. As children with reading difficulties move up through the grades, they present more and harder challenges to their teachers. These frustrated teachers sometimes resort to expecting less of these students in exchange for the students' good will and reasonable effort in completing class assignments that typically require little, if any, reading. Moreover, aliteracy presents middle grade teachers with challenges related to low self-efficacy and motivation for reading. Two basic guidelines to remedy the problem involve rethinking ways to reach out to struggling or reluctant readers and rethinking the definition of text to include print, visual, digital, and various other modalities.


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