Report: Using Participant Feedback to Evaluate and Improve Quality in Mediation


Reform: School improvement


Hedeen, T.






Mediation has become both an effective means to address concerns related to special education and early
intervention services throughout the country and an alternative to contentious and litigious methods of dispute
resolution. The process of mediation holds great promise for assisting parents, children, advocates, education
agencies, and others in developing appropriate solutions to a wide range of concerns.
Evaluating a mediation program is important and helps ensure that services are continually improved and refined.
The effort devoted to evaluation and program improvement enhances the likelihood that mediation programs
and practices will be effective and utilized to the greatest degree possible.
This resource guide presents an overview of mediation evaluation with a specific focus on how to make use of
participant questionnaires in evaluating mediation programs. This guide seeks to achieve the following purposes:
• To help readers understand evaluation processes and outcomes
• To provide instruments for evaluating the effectiveness of mediation services
• To help program managers and others use evaluation data to identify appropriate strategies for
improving mediation practice


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