Report: Teaching Standards: Profiles for six states


Teachers: Professional Learning/Professional Development


White, M., Makkonen, R., and Stewart, K.




REL West at WestED


These proiles of six states’ teaching standards are part of the report, A multistate review of professional teaching standards,
published by the Regional Educational Laboratory West (REL West) in July 2009. That report reviews teaching standards in
California, Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio, and Texas, to inform California’s revision of its teaching standards.
A note about terminology and citation of the teaching standards in the state proiles:
Terminology. REL West researchers found that some states delineate a clear set of terms to refer to all the various aspects of
their teaching standards, while other states have no speciic nomenclature for the various sub-elements of a standard. In each
of the following state proiles, researchers describe the structure of the set of teaching standards reviewed and, to the extent
possible, use the state’s own terminology, as found in the document(s) reviewed. When using descriptive terms speciic to a
state’s document(s), researchers capitalize and italicize each term (such as Propositions). When a state has not used speciic
terminology to name some or all of the sub-elements of a teaching standard, REL West’s own terminology is applied, as follows:
element (for a description) and indicator (for a behavior or performance).
Citation. When a teaching standard, or any of its sub-elements, is discussed, the in-text citation includes the number of the
teaching standard and, if relevant, the number the related sub-element, as well as the page number where the standard can be
found in the referenced teaching standards document. The full reference for the primary teaching standards document discussed
in each proile is in the reference list at the end of the proile.


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