Generic: Whose Child is this?



EDUCATION, inclusive education


PRACTITIONER:group practice and professional learning


Joellen Killian


2009, 9/21/2009


Equity Alliance at ASU


As I walked down the hall of the bustling middle school with young people scurrying through the halls dashing from room to room to get to their next class, I heard a female adult voice rise above the din call out, “Whose child is this?” Puzzled, I turned toward the voice to see an adult standing next to a thin, perhaps 6th grade, student. The adult had a firm grip on the backpack strap that hung loosely from the young man’s back. Around the pair students flowed like water around rocks in a stream going about their business of getting to their next class. I hesitated wondering if another adult might be needed and prepared to provide some back up. The female calls out again raising her voice above the noise and this time addressing the student directly, “Whose child are you?” The sheepish student, looking uncertain, was speechless. The adult leaned down, said something to the student, and the student hurried off toward the closing door of a nearby classroom.


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