Report: Working Dads: Final Report of the Fathers at Work Initiative



FAMILIES, EQUITY, access, outcomes


PRACTITIONER:group practice and professional learning


Shayne Spaulding, Jean Baldwin Grossman, Dee Wallace


2009, 10/23/2009


Public/Private Ventures


"During the past several decades, many efforts have focused on the crisis that lies at the intersection of proliferating single-parent households, absent fathers and poverty. In 2001, the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation launched Fathers at Work to test approaches for helping young low-income noncustodial fathers provide for themselves and their children; the project was designed to inform practitioners and policymakers about effective interventions for this population. Six community-based workforce organizations from across the country were selected to participate and provided a combination of employment, child support and parenting services. Participants in Fathers at Work had an average age of 26 and were overwhelmingly men of color (about three quarters were African American and 18 percent were Hispanic); a majority had a criminal record. Public/Private Ventures (P/PV) was responsible for overseeing the initiative and conducting its evaluation and for creating a series of reports and tools for the field based on lessons from Fathers at Work. The final report, from which this summary is drawn, explores the strategies used by the six sites, presents evidence of the program model’s effectiveness and offers recommendations for policy and practice."


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