Report: Improving Teacher Quality: A Guide for Education Leaders


LEADERSHIP, systematic change, LEARNING, student-teacher relationships, INSTRUCTION, student centered planing, TEACHERS, community of practice, Evaluation, professional learning/professional development


Laine, Sabrina; Sherratt, Ellen; Lasagna, Molly


February 16, 2014


American Institutes for Research


Improving Teacher Quality: A Guide for Education Leaders addresses the specific roles education leaders have in ensuring that each classroom has the most effective teacher. Each chapter is tailored to an individual audience and focuses on the key policies they can influence. Improving Teacher Quality includes vignettes, strategies, and realistic action steps to give readers a jumping off point to begin what can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Every chapter ends with a checklist to facilitate next steps. Improving Teacher Quality draws from the research-based Managing Educator Talent framework that identifies the eight critical elements influencing the likelihood that schools and classrooms are led by effective educators.


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