Category: student achievement

  • A new wave of evidence

    1/1/02 - Anne T. Henderson & Karen L. Mapp

    Many policymakers, administrators, and funders ask for evidence that parents' involvement helps student achievements, including test scores. This report provides some useful answers.

  • American Educational Research Journal

  • Education Week

  • Literacy Development of Students in Urban Schools:Research and Policy

    1/1/05 - J Flood & P.L Anders

    The issues concerning the teaching for reading in diverse disadvantaged community are important and difficult to deal with. This book is a must read for anyone teaching in an urban setting or preparing teachers to teach reading in diverse communities.

  • Race, School Achievement, and Educational Inequality: Toward a Student-Based Inquiry Perspective

    1/1/07 - Wiggan, Greg

    Over the past four decades, there have been numerous discussions on student achievement and school failure. Within this time, the debate over the causes and consequences of racial differences in achievement has been at the heart of the nation's social and political life. The author discusses the major developments in achievement research over the past century and examines the foremost explanations given for racial differences in school performance, namely, genetic deficiency, social class...

  • Teaching Exceptional Children

  • The book of Learning and forgetting

    1/1/98 - Frank Smith

    This book describes about two visions of learning- one classic theoryand another official theory . In classic theory we learn effortlessly every moment in our lives. In official theory we are forced to do hardwork in order to learn.

  • Urban Educator


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