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    Fostering Emotional Literacy in Young Children: Labeling Emotions

    1/18/09 - G. Joseph , P. Strain, M. M. Ostrosky

    This What Works Brief is part of a continuing series of short, easy-to-read, “how to” information packets on a variety of evidence-based practices, strategies, and intervention procedures. The Briefs are designed to help teachers support young children’s social and emotional development. They include examples and vignettes that illustrate how practical strategies might be used in a variety of early childhood settings and home environments.Emotional literacy is the ability to identify...

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    Implementing School-wide Positive Behavior Support

    1/13/09 - Rob Horner, George Sugai, Anne Todd

    This presentation specifically focuses on implementation planning, evaluation and overcoming barriers to school-wide PBS.

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    School-wide Positive Behavior Support

    1/13/09 - Rob Horner, George Sugai

    This presentation gives an overview of PBS including the logic, core features, implementation approach, and classroom managment.

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    The National Policy Landscape

    1/13/09 - Kozleski, Elizabeth B.

    Gives an overview of state and national policies on EIS, PBS, disproportionality, etc.

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