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    1/1/06 - Smith, Michael J., Fleming, Michael K.

    A serious imbalance exists in today's African American undergraduate student population in which the number of women far outnumber the number of men. Although at the macro level, political, sociological, and economic forces frame this gender enrollment gap, scant research has explored microlevel influences such as parents and parenting. This study uses a qualitative methodology and Hossler's model of college choice to examine African American parent involvement during the search stage. The...

  • Parent educational investment and children’s general knowledge development

    1/1/09 - Cheadle, Jacob E.

    Drawing on longitudinal data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten Class of 1998–1999, this study used IRT modeling to operationalize a parental educational investment measure based upon Lareau’s notion of ‘concerted cultivation.’ The analysis used multilevel piecewise growth models regressing children’s general knowledge achievement from kindergarten through the first grade on a measure of concerted cultivation and indicators of the...

  • The Essential Work of Democracy

    1/1/04 - Bush, George W.

    Presents the position of U.S. President George W. Bush on education. Reforms sent to the U.S. Congress upon election, titled No Child Left Behind (NCLB); Achievement gaps between white students and minorities; Figures on government funding during the Bush Administration; Need for higher standards, and measurements for improvement; Flexibility of schools to use federal funding; Vital role of parents and teachers; Evidence that NCLB is working; Figures on improvements in schools across the...

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