• Children's Story Retelling as a Literacy and Language Enhancement Strategy

    1/1/12 - Dunst, C.J; Simkus, A., & Hamby, D.W.

    The effects of children's story retelling on early literacy and language development was examined in a meta-analysis of 11 studies including 687 toddlers and preschoolers. Results indicated that children's story retelling influenced both story-related comprehension and expressive vocabulary as well as nonstory-related receptive language and early literacy development. Findings also showed that the use of the characterisitics that experts consider the important features of retelling practices...

  • Climbing the ladder of reading proficiency

    1/1/12 - The Dunbar Learning Complex

    The Dunbar Learning Complex is part of a comprehensive community change effort underway in Atlanta’s Neighborhood Planning Unit V with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation- Atlanta Civic Site. Since 2001, Casey has utilized research and data-informed best practices to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families in this area by focusing on three interconnected results: Education Achievement, Family Economic Success, and Neighborhood Transformation

  • Early Childhood Education Interventions for Children with Disabilities Intervention Report: Phonological Awareness Training.

    1/1/12 - What Works Clearninghouse

    Phonological awareness, or the ability to detect or manipulate the sounds in words independent of meaning, has been identiied as a key early literacy skill and precursor to reading. For the purposes of this review, phonological awareness training refers to any practice targeting young children’s phonological awareness abilities. Phonological awareness training can involve various activities that focus on teaching children to identify, detect, delete, segment, or blend segments of...

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