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    A Family Guide to Response to Intervention (RtI)

    1/23/10 - National Center for Learning Disabilities

    This booklet reviews the basic components of any RtI process and includes questions you might want to ask your child’s school to learn more about their RtI process. Also included are ways you can get involved in the process and what to do and where to go if you have questions or concerns.

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    Disproportionate Representation of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students in Special Education: An Orientation for Parents

    1/6/09 - JoEtta Gonzales, Elaine Mulligan

    This presentation addresses three questions: What is the nature of disproportionate representation in our nation’s schools?What are parents’ legal rights for preventing inappropriate placement ? What are some resources and guidelines that parents and students can access to help prevent inappropriate placement?

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    Empowering Parents

    1/1/05 - Washington Educational Telecommunications Association

    Reading is a critical skill for everyone. From the moment your child is born, there are simple things you can do to help him become a good reader. You can also watch for signs that he may have trouble learning to read, so that you can get help early.

  • Facilitated IEP Meetings: An Emerging Practice

    Alliance and CADRE

    To help special education planning teams reach agreements, several State Education Agencies (SEAs) provide the option of facilitated Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings. The use of externally facilitated IEP meetings is growing nationally. When relationships between parents and schools are strained, facilitated meetings may be beneficial. This guide: 1) provides an introduction to IEP facilitation for parents and other family members to help orient them to this...

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    Final report: How district-wide systems change impacted LRE for students with severe disabilities

    1/23/10 - Kozeski, Elizabeth B., Sullivan, Amanda L., Equity Alliance at ASU

    "This final report chronicles the outcomes of the second generation National Institute for Urban School Improvement (NIUSI), Award Number # H326B020002. Built on the previous five years of innovative work from 1997-2002 (a $5 million award), NIUSI’s second round of funding ($3.5 million) produced important results that offer a district-wide blueprint for the design and delivery of least restrictive environments and access to the general education curriculum for students with disabilities...

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    Let's Try: Mentors

    1/14/10 - Ferguson, Dianne

    The mentors strategy teams up more familiar and comfortable family members with those who need some help getting to know the system. It’s best to match up family members who share similar cultural and/or language background. Teachers or other school personnel can be mentors as well, but family-to-family is often the most successful.

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    Your Child Has a First-Year Teacher—How Will the School Provide Support?

    1/1/12 - National Center to Inform Policy and Practice

    Many school districts provide induction support for beginning teachers—including special education teachers—to help them hone their instructional skills and become a part of the school culture. Learn more about the types of support that help beginning special education teachers thrive.

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