Category: Ability and achievement

  • Achievement Gap vs. Acceleration

    1/1/04 - Johnsen, Susan

    The federal government's use of the phrase "achievement gap" to encourage policy, legislation, and state assessments is contrary to what educators in gifted education know is important to challenging gifted and talented students--acceleration. Although all children should be achieving at a level commensurate with their abilities, or at least at a minimum competency level, the concept of an "achievement gap" creates a "ceiling" so that the gap is reduced but at the expense of gifted and...

  • Using the Critical Thinking Belief Appraisal to assess the rigor gap

    1/1/08 - Torff, Bruce

    In a line of research employing a survey instrument, the Critical Thinking Belief Appraisal, teachers supported critical-thinking (CT) activities more for high-than low-advantage learners, likely exacerbating a "rigor gap" implicated in persistent achievement gaps. Such beliefs were less likely to be espoused by expert teachers than randomly selected ones, and teacher-education programs mitigated these beliefs but did not expunge them, suggesting a need for interventions that foster belief...

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